Do Martial Arts Make You Lose Weight?

The practice of martial arts is an excellent way to keep the line and burn fat. Here are some suggestions of techniques recommended in a slimming procedure.

The most dynamic techniques.

Kung fu, karate, aikido, jiu jitsu, boxing, Thai or French and some forms of tai chi are the most active fighting techniques. But the more you move, the more calories you burn. In recent years, a new approach called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is to combine different martial styles to compose a discipline of personal and complete training. Moreover, the main goal of the martial arts is much more control and self-knowledge, developed through the practice of self-defense exercises.

The many benefits of martial arts practice

Like any other sustained aerobic exercise, martial arts practice helps burn fat and relieve stress (another factor that influences weight gain). A single session of martial arts can consume 150 kcal and more. The repetitive movements involved in these sports activities make different muscle groups work in the body, and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems become more efficient. Thus, the pounds of fat do not have time to settle in the body; they are rather replaced by muscle, which is fortified and densified. In addition, the bones become more resistant, as the training continues. 

According to scientific studies, the practice of martial arts would also help to improve the gestures, to strengthen the body and the mind in general, to optimize the visual acuity as well as the perception of what surrounds us. Techniques such as kung fu, tai chi chuan and aikido, in particular, develop balance, coordination and endurance for both men and women of all ages.

How fast do you train to lose weight?

If you want to slim down fast enough , know that one session per week in a gym or martial arts center will not be enough to achieve this goal. Instead, aim for two to three weekly sessions and, even better, plan about fifteen minutes each day to review the movements learned in the previous class. Only regular and sustained practice, during the weeks or months that will be necessary for your fitness and / or to slim down, will allow you to achieve your goal.

A balanced diet

To lose weight by indulging in martial arts, care must be taken not to compensate for energy expenditure by consuming additional foods. As your appetite may develop, if you exercise regularly, increase the amount of healthy protein (skinless poultry, lean meat, eggs, fish) and green and colorful vegetables on your menu. Protein, in particular, will help your muscle fibers to repair itself and you will feel more easily satiety . Choose whole grains and avoid white starchy foods. One more trick: Just drinking a big glass of water before the meal will make you eat less.

An interesting advantage: the more you train, the more your hormone system will secrete endorphin and dopamine, natural substances that generate well-being. At first, you may have to impose the demands of regular training, but gradually you will enjoy it and feel the need.

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