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Think wonder you lose 15 pounds in just 7 days and go out there displaying your beautiful look.

Did you know that before the fights the MMA athletes can do this type of feat.

But in fact, doctors reveal that our champion’s famous “magic diet” can cause death if it is performed by anyone.

“An ordinary person can die. The dehydration is serious, and the sudden loss of minerals can lead to kidney arrest and death. We advise no one to try anything similar.

The professional athlete is prepared for something like this, he trains for months for this, it is not for anyone, “said Rogério Camões, a professor of Ronaldo Jacaré and Anderson Silva.

How does this phenomenon happen? How can athletes not be intimidated by this diet to lose weight ?

The truth is very simple, reasoning the combination of just a few foods with an intense dehydration equals a result of minus 15 pounds.

The athlete places himself in this situation mainly when he needs to be in the same weight of his opponent so that there is no disadvantage on the mat.

Fighters prepare for the fight a week in advance.

They are usually restricted to saccharides, especially the more glycemic ones, for example, biscuits, sweets and breads, all in full swing with your physical exercises.

The loss of water on the day of the dreaded scales is really the most feared and uncertain process of all the others.

They withdraw from their liquid bodies and to complete this step resort to resources such as hot water and if it is within reach even the saunas.

Do not forget that elimination of kilos and liquids is due to the type of metabolism of each player.

“Dehydration is not just a physical issue, the fighter has to be adapted. There are athletes who do not feel well.

But some actually extrapolate and even lose up to eight pounds just doing dehydration.

Even so, it is something for professionals and accustomed people. Who is not, can die “, reaffirms the trainer Rafael Alejarra.

“You arrange the fighter throughout the workout for that cut. What is easier to remove and replace before the fight?

The water – unlike fat and muscles. If you are not low on body fat, it will not hold the cut.

That is also why normal people can not do this, “added Camões.

But even before the fight happens, players often return to their normal weight.

They return to consuming their beloved carbohydrates and water in an exaggerated way, arriving to the point of injecting serum into their own vein to accelerate rehydration, usually this happens soon after they are weighed.

When it’s almost time to fight, many can come back with at least 70% of their lost weight.

“The weight cut is already automatic after you’ve done it a few times. It is not very easy, but we are already accustomed.

People say I have problems, but my loss is very well controlled and that does not exist, “reveals José Aldo minutes before entering the mat.

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